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The International Marine Crew Rewards program is our way of saying "Thank you for being our customer!" Every time you make a purchase with International Marine, you will earn a percentage of it back toward future purchases. This is by far the best Crew Rewards program in the marine industry.

Q. How do I earn Rewards points?

A. Once you have signed up for the International Marine Crew Rewards program, you will automatically earn points on orders placed online or through our catalog.

Q. How many points will I earn with my purchase?

A. The amount of points earned will vary based on the item(s) purchased. A certain percentage of the purchase will be added to your Rewards account, as seen below:

For standard purchases (from the International Marine Website or Retail store: 1 point per dollar @ 2 cents per point = 2%

Example: $100 purchase = 100 points x $.02 = $2.00 toward a future purchase

For purchases of International Marine Services: 1.5 points per dollar @ 2 cents per point = 3%

Example: $100 purchase of International Marine branded product = 150 points x $.02 = $3.00 toward a future purchase

Q. Can I redeem my The International Marine Crew Rewards points when ordering online?

A. You may use your Crew Rewards points for purchases made online provided you have accumulated at least 500 points ($10.00). However you must have an International Marine account before redeeming points online. Please click here to create a International Marine account, if you have not yet created one. (It will take 24 hours for your points to be available online after you create an account.) You must sign into your account, and then the option to redeem your points will be on the Payment Screen in the checkout process.

Q. What is the redemption value of each point?

A. Redemption value of each point is $.02. Point value is not redeemable for cash.

These rewards are issued as coupons; only one coupon can be used at a time on any single order so these reward coupons cannot be combined with any other offer.