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Suzuki SUZ-990C0-00830-17P S/S Propeller 3x15-1/2x17 Suzuki SUZ-990C0-00830-19P S/S Propeller 3x15-1/4x19 Suzuki SUZ-990C0-00830-21P S/S Propeller 3x15x21
Suzuki SUZ-990C0-00830-23P S/S Propeller 3x14-3/4x23 Suzuki SUZ-990C0-00830-25P S/S Propeller 3x14-1/2x25 Suzuki SUZ-990C0-00830-27P S/S Propeller 3x14-1/2x27
Suzuki SUZ-990C0-0083L-17P S/S Propeller 3x15-1/2x17 C/R Suzuki SUZ-990C0-0083L-19P S/S Propeller 3x15-1/4x19 C/R Suzuki SUZ-990C0-0083L-21P S/S Propeller 3x15x21 C/R
Suzuki SUZ-990C0-0083L-23P S/S Propeller 3x14-3/4x23 C/R Suzuki SUZ-990C0-0083L-25P S/S Propeller 3x14-1/2x25 C/R Suzuki SUZ-990C0-0083L-27P S/S Propeller 3x14-1/2x27 C/R