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Professional boat detailing goes much further than simply cleaning your vessel, and is more important than simple aesthetic appeal. As a boat owner it's a constant battle against the elements. Sun, sea, and salt water constantly attacks your paint, gel coat, metal, leather, vinyl and isinglass in a very harsh environment. Regularly washing off salt with fresh water goes a long way towards preventing unnecessary erosion, however preventative protection will not only keep your boat glistening, it will extend its life and reduce depreciation.

At International Marine Service we take great pride in our work and provide the highest level of boat cleaning service available. Whether we are bringing a yacht back to life, creating a little extra shine or continuing a regular boat maintenance program, we will conduct our work with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Wax or Sealant Application

All boats, whether gel coat or painted require some form of protection from the elements. Applying either a wax or a sealer can significantly extend the life of the paint.


Used for heavily oxidized boats our rubbing compounds can bring back to life heavily sun faded yachts. Our highly trained professionals will recommend the best product for the job to produce outstanding results with the least detrimental effect on the surface.

Leather & Vinyl Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning, mildew removal and conditioning of all upholstery, leather and vinyl.

Metal Polishing or Restoration

Our metal polishing service will insure all metal fixtures are coated in a protective layer, so that the stainless metal shines! We can restore rusted metal fixtures as well.


Restoration, Cleaning and conditioning of isinglass improves visibility and prevents cracking.

Wash & Shine

We use a non abrasive wash & wax to wash off all the salt and dirt, without stripping any of the boat wax coating protecting your paint or gel coat. This result is a 'just waxed' shine and protect your investment from the suns harmful rays.

Yacht Mechanical Services

No matter what type of marine engine you have, we’ll keep it running in perfectly all the time. Monthly service, 100-hour service and annual service are available.

Outboard Motors & Sterndrive Motors

Our trained mechanics are available to assist with your maintenance needs for all brand of outboard motors, from complex problem diagnosis to complete re-builds.

Tender Services

Whetheryour tender is used regularly or hasn't been used for years, it is well worth having the motor serviced to ensure it will not let you down when you need it most.

Inboards & Diesel Engines

Our yacht mechanics have a wealth of experience servicing larger inboards and diesel engines. In an environment where mistakes can be costly and dangerous our mechanics have a proven track record.